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As a teenager she starts going to several art and painting workshops in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she was born.  

That is how she learned not only drawing and oil painting, but also engraving techniques on wood and metals.

After college studies and research work in marine biology in France and Italy, from 1998 she dedicates exclusively to painting.

Nowadays she lives in Britanny. She exhibits regularly in France and abroad. Her works are in private colections in Canada, Spain, France and Germany.


In my work I alternate figurative and symbolic abstraction.

Sometimes I seek the synthesis of a landscape or I track its intemporel nature, but it happens that paintings make up themselves.

My main sources of inspiration are the trees, the sea, the clouds, the plants and the mineral world.

But occasionally the inspiration comes to me stumbling upon objects whose shapes speak to me.

Then I love to recycle them by incorporating them into my paintings. It is a way to play whith different elements seeking harmony and giving them a different meaning.

Sometimes I only work with oil or acrilic, but more often I use mixed media (oil pastels, masking, cardboard, etc).
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