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N°Maison des artistes : L2284-64


After studying art at school Olivier de Serres in Paris and a trip to the audiovisual and especially the animated film, the sculpture is "naturally" installed at the heart of my life.

Culture-at least-triple, "Judeo-Germano-French," I practice my art in the spirit of interbreeding, in a vision-a hypothesis? - Philosophical re-alliance between man and his environment.

By 1995, I present my first work at exhibitions in Britain, where I lived for 14 years.

After the death of my companion when I moved I moved to the other end of France. I rebuilt my life in Marseille and started a family there.

My passage through the audiovisual as a graphic designer made ​​me explore other creative techniques through digital. While continuing my work in sculpture, I realized for 3 years, mixed-media works.

The impermanence of things and beings has become for me a fundamental dimension of life, since I try to translate this movement unspeakable oscillating between life and death.

My job is to discover during my exhibitions between Marseille and Paris.

Currently I am represented by the gallery "Art & Events", 79 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris.

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