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Mind / Body in Painting
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Cecilia Franco German Kabyle origin, expresses the beingness of human breathing.

Her early interest in drawing and began to paint an emotional language from the body. After completing education at the ENSAAMA Olivers de Serres, Paris 15th, she will complete her master of fine arts, specializing in body transformation in the art, a mural art training.

Cecilia leaves room for spontaneity to access the mystery. It testifies to be unique, complex society, street, nature, energy or the simple essence of being, in a poetic and aesthetic sense.



February 2014 Up Art, Contemporary Art Fair, Lille

October 2013 The idea of ​​Happiness, Gallery 23 arts, Pézenas

March 2013 Contemporary Art Fair Lill'Art Fair with arts gallery 23

Dec / Jan 2013 Exhibitions at the aquatic center of Clermont l'Hérault. Staging of the human

July / September 2012 Gallery 23 arts, collective exhibition Summer

April 2012 Participation in the auction specializing in art at the Auction Toulouse

2012 January / March Gallery Audrey Carbo, Nîmes, shared sensibilities, individual stories into paintings

2011 September «Art Nim" with the Arts gallery 23

oct.2011 Auction of paintings auction at the Auction Mourning La Barre 95

2011 "Meet the human body, music and the environment," Arts 23, a traveling gallery: the art shop moving, Pézenas

2008_2011 "The Human Figure", Dock Sud, Sète

2010 (Oct.) "Chinoiserie Daily figs and wandering," as part of an artist supported by the South Dock Gallery, Sunshine Museum, Beijing Residence, China

2010 (Sept.) "Human" guest of honor of the city of Sète Fair of Contemporary Art in Nîmes (ARTNIM)

2010_2011 "Man, Corps" Bear Gallery,

2010 (June) "Body, human figures," The fool, the Fabre Museum restaurant, Montpellier

2008 (October) "Woman with origins elsewhere," Montpellier International Fair on the theme Morocco

2007 (Nov.) "The other me and the daily 'Association Mediterranean art and culture, through Des

Days art, _2008 (Nov.) Montpellier



Mécèn'art, private collector

Gallery Dock Sud, private collector



-mme Ci, mixed media, painting appearing in the film "Le Beau Soleil" Nicole Garicia, 2014

-Coverage The cultural agenda Heart Pays d'Hérault 2014

-illustration Visual CD "Time does nothing to the case," Gabrielle Compan band (accordion, vocals), Cedric Laronche (guitar, piano, beat box, vocals), Nicolas Iarossi (cello, vocals) 2012 , plastic Fabien Gaillard, Pop Cube, Cecilia Makhloufi.-Illustrations "the way streets," Volume 1, written by Eric Lalia, illustrated by Pierre François Gérard Pierre-Kiszel, Quitterie Ithurbide Mael Mignot, Sarah Servais, Cecilia Makhloufi Alain Zaraouti Pascal Martin-Freville, Elise Raulet, Rudolfo Tocopi Christopher Cosentino, 2010Recueil retained in the Festival Voix Vives Mediterranean, Sète

Article, "Meeting with the world", VISION, bilingual magazine contemporary art Chinese / English, August 2010

-Illustrations News of Jean Benyalou

-Interview On Clapas radio (Montpellier, 34000), with

-illustration The cover of CD, the band, Darvey, 2010

-Illustrations Sky Fire Monkey, written by Dominique Fénies published at the author, 2004

Research and writing "on traditional and contemporary body marks, transformation and transfiguration of the body in art '

cécilia MAKHLOUFI © 2010
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