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Chaoui Salah was born into a family of artists. His father Abdelwahed Chaoui was the pioneer of Moroccan theater forties and gave the replica of famous French actors such as Georges Marchal, Maria Cazares in a famous film shot in Fes in Morocco in 1948 " The seventh door."

Salah Chaoui , from an early age , expressed a talent for drawing and painting. stages of his artistic career attest to his exceptional career :

1944 : Born in Fes in Morocco
1964: Gets a Bachelor philosophy - He attended the workshop masters Cottier and Natzinche
1968: He was awarded the National School of Fine Arts in Paris
1970: He won the 1st prize of the exhibition of independent artists in Casablanca
1970-1993 : More than twenty years of exhibitions organized successively in Morocco in Europe and the USA

1996 Opens his own gallery "L'Atelier" in Marrakech
1998 Organizes several exhibitions in the USA and moved to San Diego or his work earned him admission to the Museum of San Diego, California
2002 : After the events of September 11, 2001 , his gallery partner New York closed , Salah Chaoui moved to Vichy where he creates his studio - gallery
2004 : He was elected member of the Royal Academy of Arts London : Royal Society Of Art chaired HM ​​Queen Elizabeth II of England
2005 : Creates the Prom'Art association through his gallery " footprint " or his works are on permanent display at Vichy.
2007: L'Oréal China sponsors his exhibition at the Museum of Shanghai
2010: Organizes exposure students Chaoui Workshop Gallery Vichy Val d'Allier
2011: Organizes an exhibition for the benefit of social work of the French Red Cross Lyon to Edmond Locard Gallery
2011: Exhibition at the gallery in the city Tribal antique Lyon
2011: Donated to the church of St. Louis Vichy a portrait of John Paul II on the occasion of his beatification .

His work is part of prestigious official and private collections. His painting is listed in the Drouot- Larousse dictionary of artists and Art Price. He is a member of the house of artists in Paris .

salah chaoui peintre orientaliste


My works embody the dream and a mythic like to try to give some illusion of beyond.

What characterizes my style is an expression of fog enveloping the general mood of the subject painted by incarnating here through an often tormented the light of hope heaven.

My painting is the expression of a synthesis between a practical and a desire to abstraction and exceeded.

The light is the driving force behind the work.

salah chaoui peintre orientaliste © 2010
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