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Frédérique CHEMIN artiste peintre exposez galerie d'art contemporain FREDERIQUE CHEMIN Painter Frédérique CHEMIN artiste peintre exposez galerie d'art contemporain
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Frédérique CHEMIN Frédérique CHEMIN Frédérique CHEMIN
Frédérique CHEMIN graduated from the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris, she exhibits all over the world .
In the U.S, her work is at St Charles Art Gallery Texas and Anne Bruno in New York
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The most stimulating journey is a dreamy one.

Leaning on balconies that Frédérique Chemin lays on colorful horizons we are filled with a rare feeling of never ending leisure.

These fluid memories of lightly sketched landscapes, these feasts of burning lights, those carnivals vanishing into thin air, vague souvenirs of Venice and misty blue seascapes, all have been and will always be.

Through her experience and vision the artist offers us an insight into this magical world.

Under the mastery and power of color, we can feel the great sensivity of the artist.

A marriage of lighthearted and profound poetry springs from these simple elements engraved in color, and from a most subtle setting, a setting which seemingly nurtures moments from fleeting and idle lives-most happy lives.

And so, a new « Invitation Au Voyage »* is perfectly primed, free from hindrance of pretence or din :

« Mon enfant, ma sœur, Songe à la douceur D’aller là-bas vivre ensemble… »

Patrice Rostain

* « Invitation to the Journey » (My child, my sister, Imagine the sweetness, That awaits us there…) Charles Beaudelaire

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In my paintings, there has always been some little figurative details amidst a mainly abstract approach.

I like the immersion into color and matter and I like the impact large paintings have.I also like there be some figurative references, some details that would trigger imagination, some tracks of a telling people looking at my paintings could follow.

I like when there are different levels of reading, different approaches which are superimposed and complete each other, as a reflect of life, with its past, present and future, with things that are changing to become something else and impressions that are remaining, as well as some more precise details; all these different elements combining to form a global vision that everyone can read or feel one's own way.

The last series I have done is called "Portrait of my Ideal Home".

In this series, I often use a background made of maps or reports of land surveyors, and I sometimes add some pictures of these ready-made houses you can chose from a magazine and buy by mail-order.

These houses look very exotic in France and what these pictures generate there is very different from what they can generate here where people may have dreamed, looking at the pages of these magazines, of the house they would build some day …

But if the nature of the dreams these pictures may induce is different from one place to another, it is still a matter of dreams, and I like this idea…

Dreamed houses, projected lives, inner constructions and the difference that might exist between
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Artmetz, Metz, France
Sm'artAix, Aix en Provence, France
Saint Charles Art Gallery, Rockport, Texas, USA
Les Petites Ecuries, Paris
Sélectionnée par la Fondation B Braun pour l'exposition "Aires de Rêves"
Saint Charles Art Gallery, Rockport, Texas, USA
Salon des Artistes Contemporains, Saint Tropez
Artpak, salon d'Art Contemporain, Fayence
Les Petites Ecuries, Paris
les Petites Ecuries, Paris
Festvoile, Biennale d'Art Contemporain, Paimpol
Saint Charles Art Gallery, Rockport, Texas, USA
Keller Galerie, Zürich, Suisse
Saint Charles Gallery, Rockport, USA
Saint Charles Gallery, Rockport, Texas USA
Angels' world, les Frigos, Paris
Festival d'arts plastiques du Sahara, Douz, Tunisie
Galerie Comme un poisson dans l'Art, Le Lavandou
Galerie Saint Louis, Toulon
Les Petites Ecuries, Paris
Galerie Saint Louis, Toulon
Les Inattendus, Paris
Anne Bruno, New York, USA
Showroom "De l'Art", Paris
L'Appartement, Orléans
Galerie Saint Louis, Toulon
Galerie Fronti di Mare, Propriano, Corse
Salon International d'Art Contemporain, Monaco
L'Appartement, Orléans
Artefiz Kunsthalle, Zürich, Suisse
L'Art en Direct, Paris
Artmosphere Gallery, Southampton, USA
Anne Bruno, New York, USA
Achat d'une oeuvre par la Fondation Colas d'Art Contemporain
Art Gallery One, Zürich, Suisse
Origin Gallery, Orléans
Anne Bruno, New York, USA
Artmosphere Gallery, Southampton, USA
Art Marché 2001, Osaka, Japon
Anne Bruno, New York, USA
Art Marché 2000, Osaka, Japon
China Art Expo, Pékin, Chine
S S P, Berne, Suisse
"Les Héroïnes de la Littérature vues par la Jeune Peinture"
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
"Emergences 85", Entrepôt Laîné, Bordeaux
Parker/Bratton Gallery, New York, USA
Fashion Moda, New York, USA
Paliss'Art Usine Ephémère, Paris
"Montrouge à Montbéliard", Musée de Montbéliard
Galerie Damien Boquet, paris
Vente au bénéfice de la recherche sur le sida, Zénith, Paris
Galerie Patrice Rostain, Paris
Lotte gallery, Séoul, Corée
Galerie Le Soleil Bleu, Versailles
Origin Gallery, Orléans
Exposition "Libres comme l'art", Toit de la Grande Arche, Paris la Défense
Galerie d'Haudrécy, Knokke Le Zoute, Belgique
Galerie Le Cercle Bleu, Metz
Galerie Catherine Hadida, Paris
Voeux d'artistes, Galerie du Centre, La Ciotat
Galerie Modus Vivendi, Paris
Galerie Quartier Latin, Pékin, Chine

Principaux Salons
Salon International des Artistes Contemporains, Saint-Tropez
Salon Jeune Peinture, Paris
Salon de Montrouge
Salon Grands et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui, Paris
Salon de Mai, Paris
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