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Against Art for Art's sake
Pablo Picasso once said "No, painting isn't done in order to decorate flats, it's a weapon of war, offensive and defensive against the enemy".
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The Art of painting is a form of communication that passes beyond spoken language by going directly, and on sight, to human understanding and emotions.

I speak to you through your eyes and what you see is not necessarily very pretty … but it is beautiful. I transmit a view of the world which is mine and if I'm a good painter it is going to give you a new vision of humanity and its environment as well as the excitement of an aesthetic experience.

If you find what I do interesting, don't hesitate to make contact

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First Price HIVERNAL DE LYON 2011 "Catastrophe"



Against Art for Art's sake

Pablo Picasso once said "No, painting isn't done in order to decorate flats, it's a weapon of war, offensive and defensive against the enemy".

Before we were invaded by the idea of Art for Arts sake, Pure Art, towards the end of the 19th century, all good painters were "committed people". They painted to send their message, a message, sacred or profane, that transcended the existence of the individual. But today, where are we with "Official Contemporary Art"? It shows us the emptiness of individualist Pure Art pretensions, where most often, all is reduced to large scale, little Dada in-jokes.

I have a great enemy, the father of all my other enemies: Puritanism, an obscene purge of our spiritual health. It comes from the West, and dirties all that it touches and subjects us to the rule of money. Within this ethic, beauty is falsified and separated from its inseparable, pleasure. This latter has become the worst of sins for all that is to do with the sensual is banished. We are becoming engulfed by a world-wide ethic that rejects all transcendence, all true human spirituality, so as to replace them by a sterile search for profit, with no morality except that of "cash". Disguised as a rebirth of Christianity, using the worst principles of Paul and Calvin, this ethic destroys all that is not in favour of the self-exploitation of humanity through liberal competition: it is a noxious asceticism which forces humanity to renounce Art, Beauty, Pleasure and Justice. The leftovers of Art have become investments; Beauty is marketed in the aseptic, form of a Barbie Doll; pleasure is in solitary masturbation in front of a computer screen and Justice the law of finance.

I claim the right to be committed to Humanity, Beauty, Pleasure and Justice, so as to fight against all these false calls for purity and Pure Art, that is, spiritual vacuum. And above all I claim the right to celebrate the ideas that transcend our miserable individualism and greed. My commitment is to attack Pure Art, obscene Puritanism and the cash-values that have invaded us from the West through visual symbolism.

Finally, all that is Beauty is not necessarily pretty

Preview : Le Monde article of May 6, 2011

The 56th Salon de Montrouge was inaugurated Wednesday, May 4 It is a curiosity in the world of art: if the Salons are legion, and if in the nineteenth century they were the only way for an artist to become known, they have since the implementation of the system lost a lot of galleries their will.

Not that one. Instead, it is here that the same merchants are identifying potential future foals. Still admit that the place also experienced artists: there is no age limit. This allows for example to discover the work of John Salter, born in 1935: amazing pictures, mixing references to art history and history itself, a political painting, ironic, funny sometimes (in the sense that practiced a Clovis Funk), often poetic, always fresh.
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