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“Artistic process”

I create images from experimental process.

These images can be monochrome (almost black). They can also be polychrome (ocher, yellow, blue, red and black) or colored with shades of a particular color eg blue. These colors frequently used constitute my chromatic signature.

I mainly print my images on a glossy paper in order to have, for example, contrasting images with sharp edges.

Just a precision about my work: all my images are obtained only by calculation with a computer. The colors can be freely chosen. Hereafter some important details.

Having studied mathematics I always thought, although the idea was not new, that we could create images using: Mathematics (basic of course) A programming language, A computer, And a screen to view the results.

To realize such "mathematical" images, I have set three constraints:

-create images only using mathematical equations or transformations,

- do not use existing techniques that I know such as fractals,

- do not let appear the mathematical and computational nature of the images.

The third point is the main difficulty I have to overcome and id the real heart of my work.

These three constraints imply that one must search mathematical equations that do not exist “on the shelf”. I therefore started from scratch.

I have constructed a toolbox (which I continue to support according to the inspiration of the moment) made up of the following elements :

1 - Some twenty "generic" equations, each with its own parameters that can be modified. I discovered and developed these equations in 2010/2011. The term "generic" means that these complex equations (with different mathematical structure) depend on many parameters on which I "play" to obtain very various images. But, after a lot of experimentations, I only choose a few percent among them,

2 - More than 300 equations to transform the previous “generic” images to a new one,

3 - A set of "exotic" transformations issued of my imagination that produce sometimes very surprising effects,

4 - A set of classical geometric transformations: rotation, translation, scale factor, etc.

The "artistic mathematics" creativity only concerns points 1, 2 and 3, even if I need the fourth point.

Note: this research and experimentation have required more than a dozen years of work.

For reaching a satisfactory image, the work is an iterative “test and selection” process:

- Which value of the parameters to choose and for which desired effect (s)?

- Which transformations apply?

- Which colors to choose and in which order?

- What can be done to give depth to the image?

- Should symmetry be maintained or not?

- And if I do this or that?

The work of experimentation consists to identify good or wrong combinations of equations and parameters. It is therefore always an experimental test and selection process, which extends the duration to reach “a satisfactory image”

Final precision: I do not use any image processing software. I want to master all the software because it gives me great freedom, which is not the case when using software specialized in the production and processing of images. For example if I need to draw a circle I program it with the position of its center and its radius as parameters.

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