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Natalie MIEL exhibition contemporary art gallery
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Natalie Miel contemporary art gallery NATALIE MIEL FIGURATIVE PAINTER Natalie Miel contemporary art gallery
Natalie MIEL artiste peintre Paris
Jean Bertholle student at the Academy Saint-Roch graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris
Natalie MIEL Natalie MIEL Natalie MIEL

artiste peintre figuratif contemporary art gallery painter natalie miel
artiste peintre figuratif contemporary art gallery painter natalie miel


Natalie MIEL painted as she lives, she lives as it likes and what she sings enchants us. For her, the memory of things still beats a human heart ...

The whole atmosphere exudes a largely borrowed from Matisse, especially since Natalie MIEL, as the great master, spice his works multiple reasons for decorative purposes.

Paper - Events "Homage to Matisse" (1869-1954), is illustrated by this contemporary artist of renown, Natalie MIEL.

natalie MIEL  figurative painter


2015 : - exhibition to Cracovie - Galerie de l'Europe (Paris)

2014 : - Galerie Danielle Peleg USA - exhibition Tchin Tao (Chine)- Centre Rachi (Paris)- exhibition (Chine)- Bejing-Chenzehen-Chongqing

2013 : - Chifra (Paris) - Musée Hannoland (Suède)- Galerie de l'Europe (Paris) - Galerie Corinne Lemonnier,( le Havre)

2012 : Petite Galerie, rue de Seine (Paris)

2011 : Petite Galerie, rue de Seine (Paris)

2010: - Biennial Book Travel Clermont Ferrand - Art Gallery Sidi Bou Said. Tunisia - Petite Rue de Seine Paris Art Gallery

2009 : - Art Gallery Lavagna St Paul de Vence

2007 : - Hôtel Beaumarchais Paris

2006 : - Art Gallery Arkeo Pera Istanbul - Art Gallery Gana Séoul Corée - Art Gallery de Arte Nantes

2005 : -Art Gallery Arcima Paris

2004 : - Hospital Sainte Perrine

2002 : - Art Gallery Charvet Saint martin de Ré – Art Gallery des Arches – Paris

2001 : - Art Gallery Corinne Lemonnier Le Havre

2000 : - Art Gallery Alice Mogabgab Beyrouth

1999 : - Art Gallery Danielle Peleg Détroit USA - Art Gallery " La Capitale " Paris

natalie MIEL  figurative painter


- Professor at the School of Plastic Arts of Saint Denis (93) from 1990 to 1993

-Teacher of drawing and painting at the Atelier of white coats

- Hall of Paris IV
natalie MIEL  figurative painter


2002 : - Sculptures and paintings for the film« Le soleil assassiné »by Balhoul

2003 : - Participation in the decoration for the movie "dead line" Lebanon - Paintings for TV movies « le dirlo » and« Docteur Dassin »

2004 : - Painting for the movie «Le voyage à Alger » by Balhoul

2008 : - Gouaches realised Ali Akika movie « Isabelle Eberhardt »

VIDEO : Natalie Miel in Essaouira


- Direct 8 (New Talents)
- France 2 (Tea ou Koffee)

Decorations & Publications

- Realization of a triptych at Ste Perrine for "Art in Society
- Making Cards for editions Ars Pro Vita
- postcards and posters,
- Editions Hazan in January 2006, calendar Design-Card-scarves for the shop of the 2009 World Museums
- Greeting Cards 2010 to Pak 2000
 © 2010
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